Save Time and Money

Save time when all the supplies you need for a spirometry test are at your fingertips, conveniently packaged in a ready-to-use kit. Save money too – spirometry kits cost less than the same items purchased individually.

Each kit’s components are individually packed in a sterile poly bag. If you don’t see the kit you need, let us know – and we’ll put it together for you!



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PulmoGuard kit

PulmoGuard™ Kits
Either a PulmoGuard™ or a PulmoGuard™ II is included in each of these kits.

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AstraGuard Kit1

AstraGuard™ Kits
The AstraGuard™ PFT Filter is designed to fit all Astra™ Spirometers, and is the anchor for each of these new kits.

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FloSense™ II Kits
A FloSense™ II with The Klip™ is included in each of these kits. 

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